Indrayanti Beach


Indrayanti Beach is located on the south coast of Yogyakarta, on the east Coast Sundak, has white sand, and beautiful scenery. The beach is the main destination for tourists after Parangtritis. At this location provided a large parking area, gazebo for rest, restaurant and homestay.

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Jogja Java Carnival 2011


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Jogja Java Carnival (JJC) 2011 return was held on Saturday (22/10) evening with the tagline: “celebration of cultural unity“ and the theme: Magniworld, attended by 14 participants of the community, to take place along the way malioboro up to northern square of Continue reading

Jogja Mozaik Parade


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This parade was held on 7 October 2011 was followed by about 43 participant from element of society and government, in welcoming Yogyakarta 255th anniversary. This parade was inaugurated by Vice Mayor Haryadi Suyuti a The North Square. Peak of Continue reading

South Square (Alun-alun Kidul) at Night


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South Square is a field located at the back of the Yogyakarta palace complex. South Square is always crowded every night, especially on weekends. Here,we can sit back enjoy wedang ronde, cycling around the field, try the game “Masangin” and Continue reading



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Many resorts in Karimunjawa. One of the beautiful resort is The Little Menjangan Island or Menjangan Resort. Menjangan Resort is one of islands in Karimunjawa, convered by coconut trees and spruce firs, surrounded by white sandy beach. Menjangan resort also offer Continue reading

Merapi Eruption 2010


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The 2010 eruptions of Mount Merapi began in late October 2010 when Mount Merapi in Central Java, Indonesia began an increasingly violent series of eruptions that continued into November. Seismic activity around the volcano increased from mid-September onwards, culminating in Continue reading

Fashion Parade and Carnival 2010


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Fashion Parade and Carnival, starting from Jogjja Expo Center to City Hall. Participants of this carnival is the general public, students, featuring glamorous costumes, legendary and humorous. Carnival is expected to open the crowds in Jogja Fashion Week 2010 and Continue reading

Jogja Java Carnival 2010


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Jogja Java Carnival is a carnival night carnival which is a package that does not exist or has never been held in Indonesia, except in the city of Yogyakarta. Demands the use of technology, composition, shape, variety of colors and Continue reading